Richard Pellz

Hello my name is Richard Pellz, im 31 and I’m a tattooist from South Wales UK and based in Cardiff. From a young age I’ve had a pencil in my hand creating drawings, moving from pencils and pens, to spray cans and now a tattoo machine, creating art has always been my focus and I have been tattooing for about 7 years now. My preferred style of tattooing is black and grey with the more detail the better. I do enjoy all sides of tattooing but I mainly specialise in black and grey realism and portraits, working in high contrast to add the right values that hold over time. I love creating one off pieces bespoke to my customers ideas and visions.

Tasha Pollendine

Tasha has been tattooing for just over three years and started her tattooing journey as Physical Graffiti’s receptionist. She has always been interested in art and her love for tattoos started when she started getting tattooed herself.

She continued her art training and studied graphic design in uni until she was able to start her training as a tattooist. Her love for animals, Studio Ghibli and kawaii is reflected in her bright colourful work, she also has a keen interest in dotwork and geometric tattooing.

Rae (Piercing)

Piercer Rae Customer Tesitimonials

“I’ve had many different piercings by different piercers over the last few years, but the lady Rae who was my piercer this week was so AMAZING!!!I had two piercings, navel & nose ­ everything was thoroughly deep cleaned & she put me at ease! She also fixed my daith piercing which had come loose. I thought it was an unfixable piercing, but she managed to take it out and put it back in properly for me PAIN FREE which I was really surprised about! Brilliant service with amazing staff ­ I felt like Rae really did go out of her way, treated me like I was the only customer in the shop when she clearly had a bit of a rush on her hands! Look after her, I don’t usually write compliments about staff or studios/companies, but she really stood out for me. She is one of your staff that gives you a good customer base! Thank you Rae for giving me a wicked piercing experience!”

“Fantastic piercing experience, Rae put me completely at ease & was super friendly. All carried out in a great, sterile environment. Total 5 star all the way, I can’t recommend Rae highly enough!”

“The piercing wasn’t painful at all and I was made to feel really comfortable during the process. I appreciated how you could choose to have a countdown or not before the piercing happened so that you could prepare yourself for it. Thank you for this experience.”

“Super efficient & Rae was so friendly. Great aftercare advice, follow up service & top notch hygiene.” “Excellent service, very friendly & put my daughter at ease! Rae told her everything that was going on & it was so painless she didn’t even realise it had been done! Would definitely recommend Rae!”

“Rae was amazing, very calming & quick. I will be coming to Rae for all future piercings!”Rae became interested in piercing after receiving her first nose piercing at age thirteen after she was left wondering why she had a large ear lobe stud sticking out of her face ­surely this wasn’t right & there had to be another way? So began a period of experimentation and trial and error, getting new piercings on a whim & finding the best ways to heal & care for them. Rae trained as a piercer in the Spring of 2014 embarking on a two week intensive training course & her career began working for a well known piercing establishment in Cardiff centre. Rae pierced in Cardiff for three years continually working to improve her technique & execution, moving to Bristol in the Summer of 2016. It’s a little known secret, but although Rae adores being able to provide people with the piercings that they want, the appearance, background & culture surrounding piercings... She absolutely hates getting pierced! Mixed with her passion & enjoyment for piercing she uses this as a tool to ensure her clients are as relaxed & informed as she can, incorporating it into her technique & execution to make the process as easy for the client as possible, while constantly maintaining a completely sterile working environment.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones has been tattooing for 16 years, 8 of those have been at Physical Graffiti in Cardiff where he is now the co owner.

Chris started his tattooing career doing mainly new school work, bold lines and bright colours fuelled by his love for graffiti art, he soon began experimenting with portrait work and with his love of all things geeky he has slowly become one of the go to artists in the UK for pop culture themed colour realism.

Chris’s work has taken him all around the world and he is often in the US tattooing at various comic cons with the Ink Fusion Empire and the Geekster Ink Legends. He also starred in the hit US Tattoo Reality Show Epic Ink. Chris has won many awards over the years including Skin Deep’s Tattoo Industry Awards Best UK Male 2014 and Liverpool Tattoo Convention’s UK Tattoo Industry Awards Best UK Male 2015.

Chris Hatton

Chris has been tattooing since 2003 and opened Physical Graffiti in 2006. Since then the shop has grown in popularity and size with Chris teaming up with Chris Jones and the addition of new artists.

Chris’s favourite style is bold, colourful new school but is happy to do black and grey and Japanese work to cater to his customer needs. Outside of tattooing Chris builds and rides his own choppers and competes in motocross events. He is also involved in the clothing brand FuckTheHaters.

Sami (Laser)

We also offer a laser tattoo removal service provided bySami Greystone which is fully licensed by the HIW . The treatment procedure and all other information can be found in the laser removal section of the website.

Paul Crowther

Paul joined Physical Graffiti in March, he has been tattooing for over 6 years and has brought his bold and colourful style of tattooing to the shop.He is strongly influenced by cartoon and comic book art, which can be seen in his bright and colourful work, which is a mixture of new school and traditional styles of tattooing. His preferred style is new school, but Paul is happy to undertake most styles of tattooing.

Ian Turner

My name is Ian Turner. I started my journey in the art of tattooing backin 2015 in a local shop as an apprentice and have pushed myself eversince to create quality and unique pieces of art for each and every client. I specialise in illustrative, new school and Japanese styles but I’m happy to venture outside of these styles. Drawing is my passion and every client leaves with a custom one­off design, and a smile! for enquiries please get in touch via email.

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