Patryk Mazur

Patryk started his adventure in tattooing almost 15 years ago in his home city Warsaw, Poland. Before tattooing Patryk had a strong passion for art and drawing which quickly developed into his own style, which is reflected in his tattoo work.

Playing with depth, light sources and different tones Patryk gives his work its own style and character. Patryk joined the team at Physical Graffiti in March 2015 and has quickly become our black and grey specialist, his work spans from comic book deigns to realistic work.

Tasha Pollendine

Tasha has been tattooing for just over three years and started her tattooing journey as Physical Graffiti’s receptionist. She has always been interested in art and her love for tattoos started when she started getting tattooed herself.

She continued her art training and studied graphic design in uni until she was able to start her training as a tattooist. Her love for animals, Studio Ghibli and kawaii is reflected in her bright colourful work, she also has a keen interest in dotwork and geometric tattooing.

Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher has been tattooing for six and a half years, five of which have been at Physical Graffiti, Cardiff. He's always been interested in tattoos and art, and knew it was what he wanted to do with his life. Sam's tattooing style varies depending on his client's needs. He's able to offer a wide variety of designs including dot work, black and grey, Japanese, colour work and more.

His favourite style, and a style he'd like to do more of, is Japanese and traditional design. When he's not tattooing or painting, you'll find Sam watching films, drinking beer and spending time with his family. Sam's always looking forward to his next challenge, so if you're looking to get a piece done by him, be sure to contact the shop.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones has been tattooing for 16 years, 8 of those have been at Physical Graffiti in Cardiff where he is now the co owner.

Chris started his tattooing career doing mainly new school work, bold lines and bright colours fuelled by his love for graffiti art, he soon began experimenting with portrait work and with his love of all things geeky he has slowly become one of the go to artists in the UK for pop culture themed colour realism.

Chris’s work has taken him all around the world and he is often in the US tattooing at various comic cons with the Ink Fusion Empire and the Geekster Ink Legends. He also starred in the hit US Tattoo Reality Show Epic Ink. Chris has won many awards over the years including Skin Deep’s Tattoo Industry Awards Best UK Male 2014 and Liverpool Tattoo Convention’s UK Tattoo Industry Awards Best UK Male 2015.

Chris Hatton

Chris has been tattooing since 2003 and opened Physical Graffiti in 2006. Since then the shop has grown in popularity and size with Chris teaming up with Chris Jones and the addition of new artists.

Chris’s favourite style is bold, colourful new school but is happy to do black and grey and Japanese work to cater to his customer needs. Outside of tattooing Chris builds and rides his own choppers and competes in motocross events. He is also involved in the clothing brand FuckTheHaters.

Dan Walters

Warning: if you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second off your life. Don't you have other things to do? Anyway, for those of you that are actually reading this... I trained for six months as a piercer, in 2010, and have enjoyed every single piercing I have done since. Aiming to make the piercing experience as painless as possible and enjoyable for each client. Best job I've ever had. Two years ago I started taking on some other body modification projects to expand my portfolio and now offer scarification and branding as well as body piercing, and have been offering laser tattoo removal here since 2014.

Paul Crowther

Paul joined Physical Graffiti in March, he has been tattooing for over 6 years and has brought his bold and colourful style of tattooing to the shop.He is strongly influenced by cartoon and comic book art, which can be seen in his bright and colourful work, which is a mixture of new school and traditional styles of tattooing. His preferred style is new school, but Paul is happy to undertake most styles of tattooing.

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